The Summer Adventure and Two Hungry Boys

By Sandy Fisher, Director of Business Development for Home Rental Services

Every year at Home Rental Services, we anticipate late spring and all of summer to be a busy peak season.

We lease homes every day, all year long. If people get to choose when they’ll move, late spring and summer is the time of year they do it. Whether it’s for warmer weather reasons or having to uproot children’s environments, summer break is often the most convenient time to move. Because of this, our typical day at Home Rental Services in the summertime turns into a bit of organized chaos. We love it, and we’re always ready for it.

Home Rental Services: Sandy's BoysIt reminds me of my family, and the dynamics that change at our house in late spring through summer. My husband and I have three kids ages 15, 19 and 20. Our 15 year old daughter is still at home full-time. Our two oldest boys are in college and have full-time summer jobs. This allows them to move home for their summer breaks. So the same thing happens to me in my personal life and professional life as spring approaches. Things get busy.

This is my second summer of having the boys home, so I was more prepared. Last year, when my oldest came home, I left it up to him to unload and organize his belongings. Long story short—that didn’t work out well. A big pile of his stuff lived in the same spot in his room all summer long. Kinda gross.

This year, I was bound and determined not to let that happen again. My boys share a room (decent-sized, but they still share.) There was no way I was going to let two huge piles of college stuff sit in that room all summer long.

Prior to them getting home for the summer, I cleared out two areas of our storage room. I created space for each boy to NEATLY place things they didn’t care to see again until fall. The rest was to be unpacked in their room. I told them I wanted them to act like they live in their room again and not like they were just visiting. It’s been about a month and so far things are working out pretty well. (My weekly grocery bill to feed my two giant boys, however, not working out so well.)

I continue to improve at home every summer, just like we continue to improve in the business. Each spring, I prepare my office and my calendar, much like I prepared for the boys to be home for the summer. Clearing mess, creating space and welcoming the upswing of activity.

We’re constantly looking for new technologies and programs to make it easier for renters to find your home and sign a lease. We wouldn’t be nearing our 30th year without well-oiled gears that can handle the non-stop merry-go-round of property management and leasing.

Home Rental Services Turns 28 in September

HRS will be 28 years old in September! That’s a lot of years of making sure we’re ready for our busy summer season. Would you believe we’ve written and managed over 10,000 leases since we started? We’re well into July at this point and we are successfully conquering our 28th busy summer season. We hope you’re conquering and enjoying your busy summer as well.