Remote Workers – What Does It Mean For Residential Real Estate?

Over the past three years, we’ve moved just about every process and system we use at Home Rental Services to the cloud. Office365, Google Docs, DropBox, EchoSign, and AppFolio are just a few of the systems that we use that have made this possible.

What this means is that our team can do the majority of their work from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection. And it works well. And that got us to thinking…

The Trend – More and more people are working from home

2016-03-10-WorkingFromHomeAccording to BetaNews, about 45% of workers in the United States do some or all of their work from home. Of those workers, 53 million people are freelancers doing consulting and project work for companies from their home.

The Need – Home office

With so many people working from home full time or for a few days each week, the importance of having a dedicated home office has grown. And just as important is the availability of a reliable internet connection.

If you have a dedicated office on the ground floor of your home, be sure to let us know so that we can make sure that information is in your listing.

Google Fiber – A selling point

GoogleGoogle continues to roll out fiber service to areas across Kansas City. Their fiber connection provides incredible bandwidth and speed for someone working from home. This is a selling point! This is another thing to ask your listing agent to include in your listing.

We think this trend will continue. We’re doing it at our company and we see renters moving to the area to work for Kansas City companies doing it as well. If your home makes it easier for remote workers to do their job, we need to be telling people about it when advertising your property!