April 2016 Vendor Breakfast

Our first vendor breakfast was a success!

20160419_VendorBreakfast03WebApril 19th was our first ever vendor breakfast event that was held at the Brookridge Country Club in Overland Park! We asked our good friend Dan O’Dell to come and speak on the topic of “improving results by thinking differently.”

He made some great points about how your thinking affects your brain, your employees and your clients. His encouragement was to think differently to improve your personal and professional life.

One of the quotes we loved was, “Be careful how you talk to yourself, because you are listening.” – Lisa M. Hayes

We’ve started this quarterly event with three goals:


It’s a great way for our vendors to get to know each other and strengthen their relationships.

April 2016 Vendor BreakfastWe manage hundreds of homes in Kansas City, and we rely on a network of companies that provide services that we need. These services include carpet cleaning, landscaping, construction and remodeling, painting, heating and air conditioning, and staging to name a few.

We’ve created this network of trusted vendors over the past 26 years. These companies serve the same types of clients. Getting to know each other is a great way for them to support each other as they grow their businesses.

It’s a time for them to work “on” their business instead of “in” their business.

Business owners typically wear every hat from emptying April 2016 Vendor Breakfastthe trash to doing the books. It’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day grind.

The quarterly breakfast is one way they can take a couple of hours to mentally step away from their business. To think about where they are at and where they want to be.

And hopefully learn from other business owners in the room that might have struggled with the same challenges.

It’s a great way for us to show our vendors how much we care about them.

April 2016 Vendor BreakfastWe trust and appreciate our vendors so much. Their skill and hard work are an important part of our success.

We are providing a great learning opportunity by providing a speaker for each breakfast. The hope is that our vendors will learn something that they can take back to their businesses.

Helping our vendors grow ultimately helps us as we grow. They can handle more work that we send their way.

Thank you to everyone that came to our first vendor breakfast! If you, or someone you know, is a business owner looking for a great way to connect with other service businesses, please send them our way. We’ll let them know about the next Home Rental Services breakfast that they can attend!