Kandy, Dr. Thomas and Carrie

Kandy and Carrie Road Trip to St. Louis – ET The Hip Hop Preacher

Kandy, Dr. Thomas and CarrieKandy and Carrie have been long time subscribers of Dr. Eric Thomas, also known as”ET, the hip hop preacher.”

Dr. Thomas faced a lot of challenges growing up. His mom was pregnant at 17. He left home and was living below poverty level, basically on the streets. A minister found him, took him in and treated him like a son. This was the turning point for him on his road to building a multi-million dollar company. He’s now a successful author, speaker and preacher and received his PhD in Education Administration in 2015.

Kandy and Carrie saw Dr. Thomas speak at a conference in Chicago in 2015. When they heard that he would be speaking at a conference in St. Louis recently, they were excited to sign up for tickets and a road trip together.

There’s a YouTube channel called ETTheHipHopPreacher if you want to see some of his presentations.

ET, the Hio Hop PreacherOne of Kandy’s favorite messages was, “try to help others succeed instead of asking how they can help you. It will come back to you!” She’s tried to live her life and run her business following this principle.

Carrie’s biggest takeaway was, “your success has to start with a sincere self-assessment so you know where your strengths and weaknesses are. Then you can start finding the resources and people for your team that will compliment you.” This was an important idea for Carrie as she continues to grow and improve Neighborhood Handyman.

Another important message is you can succeed with a strong will

–        People who have phenomenal skill but average will (not going to be as successful as they could be)
–        People who have average skill but phenomenal will (going to be successful)
–        People who have average skill and average will
–        People who have phenomenal skill and phenomenal will (off the charts success)

It’s important to spend time learning new things. And it’s important to spend time together as family. Going to see Dr. Thomas speak was a great way for Kandy and Carrie to do both!