Better Life What-EVER! Cleaner – As Seen on Shark Tank

We do a heck of a lot of move out inspections.  We also work very hard to make sure the homes that we manage are clean for our renters when they move in.

Recently, we were having a team discussion about carpet cleaning and general purpose surface cleaning.  Joshua, one of our property managers, mentioned an all natural cleaner that he saw featured on the TV series Shark Tank.  He uses it personally and said it is better than any other cleaner he has used before.  It’s called What-EVER! cleaner by a company named Better Life.

You can get your own bottle to try at Crate & Barrel and many other local retailers.  (We just ordered a few different products to try ourselves!)

In the episode on Shark Tank, the founders demonstrated the effectiveness of the cleaner by rubbing raw chicken over a counter top.  Then, they measured how dirty the counter top was with a swab test. The swab test returned a dirty measure of around 800.  Then, they used a regular cleaner which returned a swab test result of around 300.  The What-EVER! cleaner swab test returned a test result of around 50.

The What-EVER! cleaner is made of all natural ingredients… and they proved it by spraying the product in their mouths!  Crazy.  To see the Shark Tank episode, click here.  Otherwise, check out the embedded video below of the guys from Better Life comparing their product to a typical cleaner on YouTube.  It is a compelling demo!

Have you ever used products from Better Life?  Let us know in the comments below!