Good Luck to the Chiefs! First Regular Season Game is Sunday, September 8th!

Our blog post for this week is from our very own Trent Brining, one of our property managers and big into sports!

ChiefsThe Kansas City Chiefs season begins this Sunday, September 8th, where we will be on the road facing the Jacksonville Jaguars.
(For a full game schedule, click here!)

This year, we have a whole new regime, from the top down!

New General Manager
Our new GM is John  Dorsey, from the Green Bay Packers, where he’s had a ton of success with player and coaching personnel.

New Head Coach
Our new head coach is Andy Reid, who came over from the Philadelphia Eagles. He had a very long run of success there, leading the Eagles to five NFC Championship games (including four consecutive), and one Super Bowl (2004).

New Quarterback
Our new quarterback is Alex Smith, who we brought over from the San Francisco 49ers (who were in the Super Bowl last year), and other notable additions to the team are defensive players Sean Smith (from Miami) and Dunta Robinson (from Atlanta).

Are you a Kansas City Chiefs fan?  Going to any of the games this year?  Let us know in the comments below!