Team Building 101 : Home Rental Services goes to the Royals Game!

RoyalsTeam building is an important part of our company culture.  For the third year in a row, we took our team to a Royals Game! We went on Wednesday night, 8/21 and the Royals played the White Sox (and sadly lost).  We had a great turnout of 28 people between staff, family and significant others.

We signed up again for one of the All Star Suites.  Having air conditioning for the children is important, especially when it is as hot as it has been lately!

It was a really nice evening.  Yes, it was hot, but it was great to spend time together away from work.  There was almost no discussion about work related topics… it was a time to laugh, joke, have an adult beverage (for some) and just relax on a hot, Kansas City evening at the stadium.

RoyalsWould you believe we were having so much fun that we forgot to take a group picture?!?!?  We do have a great one with Caitlin and her husband Brad,  Kevin with Neighborhood Handyman, and our newest team member… Melissa!

What do you do in your company to get your team together? We would love some ideas for future events, so please leave those ideas in the comments below!