Professional Property Managers Reduce Rental Vacancy Rates 40%

There are so many reasons to work with a professional property management company like Home Rental Services!   One important reason is the reduction of rental vacancy rates.  That means more money in our owners pockets because their houses don’t sit vacant for as long.

40percentWe just read about a survey from All Property Management (one of the largest networks of property management companies on the web) that reports that professional property managers reduce rental vacancy rates nearly 40 percent!

Based on responses from 298 property management companies located in 201 cities across the US, the average annual vacancy rate for a professionally managed property is 5.5 percent, compared to the 8.8 percent national average reported by the US Census Bureau. Respondents cited expert tenant screening, superior customer care during tenancy, swift action against delinquent tenants, and general local market knowledge as reasons for their success in preventing long vacancies.

(Click here for more details and information from this survey)

The reasons for preventing long vacancies described in the quote above are core aspects of our business process:

  • Professional tenant screening with criminal and credit background checks
  • Customer care during tenancy with real people answering the phones, a full time staff of 10 people and our use of industry standard software for work orders
  • Swift action against delinquent tenants is a critical thing we enforce with our internal processes
  • Our knowledge of the local market (Kansas and Missouri) is broad and always growing through continuing education and our membership and participation in professional management organizations