– Where to Recycle in Greater Kansas City

Our team at Home Rental Services believes that it is important to recycle.  If you have known us for very long, you have seen that we are raving fans of the Ronald McDonald house pop-tab and key recycling program.

We have found a great resource for all recycling called  They can help you figure out what to do with all kinds of waste including hazardous materials (paint and varnish), technology (computers and old TVs) as well as glass, yard waste and old prescription drugs.

One of the best features about their web site is the ability to search by material, community or service provider.  In other words, you can type in GLASS and your zip code to find where to recycle glass nearby.

Kandy connected the dots between key and pop-tab recycling and  Apparently, didn’t have a good referral partner for old keys… which is perfect for the Ronald McDonald house!  Kandy did an introduction and they are talking to see how they can work together.  How cool is that?

If you have any tips on recycling or appreciated us telling you about, please leave us a comment below!