Documenting our Processes – LucidChart Rocks

You might have seen the January 15th blog post about our team building and process improvement meeting we had at the beginning of 2013.  The goal for that meeting was to update our processes and make sure that we had documented everything.  The most obvious choice for documenting all the flip charts we created was some kind of flow charting tool.  The first tool we though about using was Visio, but we didn’t have a copy of that software.  Since we had to buy something, we decided to look around before buying.  We wanted something flexible, easy to collaborate with and that worked “in the cloud”.

After some research, we found LucidChart and we love it!

LucidChart is an online flow charting tool that integrates seamlessly with Google Apps and is used by a ton of companies you would recognize (like Fidelity, USA Today, Groupon, Google, Disney and more)  You don’t have to install any software on your computer… the whole thing is done through your browser.  You can try it out for free, which we took advantage of to make sure it was going to work for us.  It works so well!  It is easy to use and when you are done with your flow chart, you can share it in so many ways.  A hyperlink to a PDF, a web page, you can download it and attach it to an email and more.

Lucid Chart Sample(Click to Enlarge)
Lucid Chart Sample
(Click to Enlarge)