Happy 20th Anniversary to our Friends at Accommodations by Apple!

We all need trusted relationships personally and professionally.  And it is so important to be able to count on these relationships.  We have that kind of trust with Kiersten at Accommodations by Apple Corporate Housing and have been referring business back and forth for years!

Accommodations by Apple supplies temporary, furnished apartments all over Kansas City.  They offer short term accommodations for business travelers and relocating families.  We get calls from people that are coming to Kansas City for a 3 month contract and they want to stay in a furnished apartment instead of the typical week-long stay options.  We refer them to Kiersten and she takes great care of them.

Kiersten refers business back to us as well.  Sometimes, it is someone she has heard from that is going to be here for a longer period of time and wants to stay in a home versus an apartment.  Other times, it is someone that has rented an apartment from Accommodations by Apple and ends up taking a permanent job here in Kansas City.  They want to upgrade to a rental home while they figure out their long term living situation.  That is where we come in!

So thanks to Kiersten and Accommodations by Apple for being a company that does what they say they are going to do.  We know when we refer someone to her that they will be well taken care of.  It is a great milestone for them to be able to celebrate their 20th year of doing business here in Kansas City.

If you know someone that needs a temporary, furnished apartment, give Kiersten a call at (913) 888-8100.