Team Building, Balsa Wood Planes and Jimmy John’s

Our entire team met all day Saturday, January 12th, to review our processes and find ways to improve them.  We got so much done!  It was awesome to see our team willing to give up a Saturday to make things better internally, for our owners and our renters!  We think it is important to take the time to work on your business, and to do that effectively it requires a focused, off-site meeting.  We uncovered some things that were making extra work for us.  We have already adjusted those processes to fix the problems!  One of our three driving goals is excellent communication, and many of the things we decided to adjust will make communication with our owners and renters even better.

We also took some time to have fun with balsa wood planes and bring in lunch from Jimmy John’s.

Jimmy John’s – Amazingly Quick

We knew that we needed to work through lunch because we had so much to cover.  We decided to order sandwiches because they are easy and more healthy than pizza.  We order from Jimmy John’s fairly often and love how quick they are to deliver after you call.  Jason was part of our day and bet our entire team that it would take them at least 30 minutes to arrive.  They made it in 16 minutes.  Wow.

Teambuilding – Balsa Wood Planes

One of our team building activities was building balsa wood planes and trying to hit a box from our second floor atrium.  Check out the pictures below… the prize for the person who got closest to the box was a LEGO airplane or $20.  Chris, one of our leasing agents, won and he opted for the cash.

What does your team do to improve?  We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!