Break the Fast – Setting Meaningful Goals for 2013

Every month, Group O’Dell has their “Break the Fast” breakfast event where they bring their vendors and clients together to learn, meet and share stories.  There is always an opportunity to learn something new, and the January event was all about setting real, measurable goals and WRITING THEM DOWN.  The areas for goal setting covered Personal, Business, Financial, Family and Spiritual.

Caitlin and Jesse were able to attend from our team, and they got a lot out of it!

Caitlin shared the handout from the meeting and it was great to see all the things that she wrote down that she would like to accomplish.  There was a section for 10-day goals and she has already completed most of the goals that she wrote down.  It has only been 7 days!  She mentioned that the act of writing them down somehow made them more real and important to accomplish.  She said it felt like more of a commitment.

Jesse really liked the discussion around the three types of energy… energy drainers, energy givers and energy sustainers.  He liked the idea of reducing the sources of energy drainers in your personal and professional life.  Removing some of the drama.  This allows more positive energy to fill those empty gaps.

Thanks again to Group O’Dell and their commitment to making Kansas City a better place to live and to work!