FAQs and HOW TOs for the Home Rental Services tenant portal!


We use AppFolio software to manage our properties, and we really like the Tenant Portal functionality they allow us to provide for our renters. Previously, we’ve talked about the fact that AppFolio has rolled out an app for iOS and Android for the tenant portal.

If you have any questions about your tenant portal, there’s an excellent list of frequently asked questions and “how to” blurbs right here. This help library also has a video overview covering how to use the Home Rental Services tenant portal. There are sections for accessing the portal (and we have specific instructions for the Home Rental Services tenant portal here.) There are also quite a few topics related to making payments online, editing account details, submitting and checking on the status of maintenance requests and viewing or downloading documents.

So if you’re a current renter with Home Rental Services, here are the steps for using our tenant portal:

  1. Start here. This will allow you to get access to our tenant portal for the first time if you’re a current tenant.
  2. Download the mobile portal app here. It’s more user friendly than using the web version of the tenant portal on the go.
  3. And if you have questions about using the portal, visit the AppFolio help library here.

If you aren’t a current homeowner/investor or renter with us…

Home Rental Services Logo

This is an example of how we run our business. We use powerful software like AppFolio, DocuSign, Smartsheet and more to manage our properties. We conduct business professionally and ethically (and we keep up-to-date on our ever changing industry through active membership and participation in NARPM, the National Association of Residential Property Managers.)

Investing in our infrastructure is good for everyone. Our renters, our owners and our team.

For 30+ years (since 1989) we’ve offered full-service leasing & property management in Kansas City. If you or someone you know has one or more homes that need to be professionally managed, give us a call!

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