KC is best known for BBQ? What are you Taco-ing ’bout Paul?

By Paul Branton, Director of Investor Services for Home Rental Servicess, Photo Credit: Grace Branton

When it comes to Kansas City and food, everyone immediately thinks about BBQ. It’s been this way my whole life… and well before my life began. The KC obsession with BBQ runs deep.   

Perhaps it has something to do with hosting the biggest BBQ competition in the world? Yep, the world.  (Learn more about the American Royal BBQ competition here.)

So, of course when clients come to town, they want to try out all of the amazing BBQ that KC has to offer. Arguably the best BBQ you can get ANYWHERE. I totally understand and I’m always happy to oblige. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a platter of smoked brisket, burnt ends, ribs, wings, beans, cheesy corn and onion rings?

BUT when clients aren’t visiting and I have the opportunity (aka enough time) to grab something other than a pizza slice and BigQ from the nearest QuikTrip, my heart is set on Tacos! Tacos? C’mon, Paul… Surely, you can’t be serious? (I am being serious, and don’t call me Shirley.)

Kansas City – Award Winning Mexican Food

All kidding aside… while it’s lesser known, Kansas City has an incredible Mexican food scene and I do love a good taco or five. So, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo this week, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite taco spots!

South Olathe:  Carmen’s Cocina II Authentic Mexican Food Olathe
This is my most frequented taco establishment… home of the Taco Tuesday flash fried taco! Yum!
Tip: Don’t forget to order the equally delicious Churros for dessert!

Southwest Olathe: El Panzote
The kind of place where the numbers and pictures on the menu are absolutely necessary. 
Tip: Make sure to grab that glass bottle of Coca Cola to wash it all down!

Downtown KC: Street Tacos To Go, Kansas City Taqueria
This place has a super fun lineup of taco options from standard beef, chicken and pork to shrimp, fish, jerk and even Korean beef!
Tip: Arrive early as it may take a little while to find a parking spot in this part of town.

Downtown KC #2: Empanada Madness Southwest Blvd
While empanadas are not technically tacos, this place is worth mentioning and visiting for some great authentic Latin American cuisine. Seriously, these are as good as some of the food I’ve enjoyed in South America!  
Tip: Try one of every kind!

Olathe based Food Truck: La Pasadita
The Tacos may be a little on the greasier side but this food truck has some of the best salsa you’re going to find. That is.. if you like it HOT and/or Green.
Tip: Have some paper towels and your favorite beverage nearby. 

Okay, so what is your favorite Taco place where you live?  What’s your favorite Taco or BBQ spot in KC? Share in the comments and go enjoy some this week!