HRS Recommends Cates Heating and Cooling

We Recommend Cates Heating and Cooling

By Paul Branton, Director of Investor Services

As homeowners and real estate investors, HVAC is one of the biggest costs of ownership and maintenance. With the average cost of a new A/C unit in Kansas City setting you back around $4,500; it’s good to have a knowledgeable, reputable and reliable vendor in your corner. 

We’ve been using Cates Heating & Cooling for our customers for many years. And we’ve had so many great experiences working with them on projects!

HRS Recommends Cates Heating and Cooling

Things to consider when replacing your A/C unit:

Appropriate size (Tonnage)  

Most residential units range in size from 2.5 ton to 5 ton. If the unit is too big for the property, it will cycle too often. This creates unnecessary wear on the unit and can lead to early breakdown. If the unit is too small, it will run longer and result in higher energy bills.

Efficiency (SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

Most residential units range from 14 to 25 SEER with 14 being the current minimum requirement. With a higher SEER ratio, the unit will be more efficient but will carry a higher upfront cost. This results in a unit that costs less per month to operate. With a lower SEER ratio, the unit will cost less up front, but will not be as efficient. Ultimately, this will cost you a bit more per month to operate.

Installation factors (Location)

If your indoor air handler is in a tight spot like a crawl space or attic, it may take longer for the installation and increase the cost.  If your ducts need to be repaired, replaced or modified for the new unit, the price will likely increase for the installation.

HRS Recommends Cates Heating and Cooling
HRS Recommends Cates Heating and Cooling

My personal story about working with Cates.

A few weeks ago, when the A/C went out at my personal residence, I knew who to call. The Cates technicians came out quickly and diagnosed that my existing unit was 17 years old. The compressor was on its last legs. Since the typical life span of an A/C in our climate in Kansas city is 12-20 years, an expensive repair didn’t make sense vs. replacing with a new unit. 

After the diagnosis, they provided a quote for a new 3.5 ton unit with a few different SEER options and prices. Since this is our personal residence and we plan to keep living here, I went a step up on the SEER ratio with the idea that I will recoup that in the lower monthly utility bills.

I gave them my selection, they got it ordered and called me a couple days later to schedule the installation. When the installation day came around, they called that morning to confirm the time. Believe it or not, the techs showed up right on time! When one of the parts ended up being damaged in shipping, they showed it to me and ran off to the supply house to get a replacement. Upon their return, they opened the box and showed me the new part was in good shape and they completed the installation. All in all, it took the two person crew about four hours to get the A/C installation finished.  

It’s so nice to have the cold air flow restored in addition to a quieter unit… especially since it sits right outside the wall of my home office.  ;)   

If you need to service or replace your HVAC, we would HIGHLY recommend the team over at Cates Heating and Cooling!

HRS Recommends Cates Heating and Cooling
HRS Recommends Cates Heating and Cooling