Working from Home

Here’s what we’ve been doing while working from home!

One of the things we’ve been doing as a team during this pandemic is chatting using Google Hangouts. And we created a specific group called the Water Cooler. We use this hangout to share funny stories and what we’ve been doing with our families. Why? It’s important to stay in touch and have fun with each other while working remotely!

We wanted to share some of those things with you in case you need some inspiration!


  • Taste tests: We started with 4-5 different restaurant French fries; then we did 4-5 local restaurants chips and salsa; July is national ice cream month and we tried 5 different store brands.
  • Geocaching. (Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.) It’s great because you are outside with family and it’s social distancing friendly.
  • Making Tik Toks (Hopefully Microsoft buys TikTok so we can keep using that platform!)


  • We drew sidewalk chalk obstacle courses on our driveway and sidewalk.
  • Went visited the creek by our house multiple times over the past few months to watch baby ducks grow from newborns to full size ducks! Our girls played in the water, threw in sticks/rocks and looked for critters.
  • A project! We had 12 cubic yards of dirt delivered for our foundation and let the kids play in it all week.
  • And normal things like biking, building forts, coloring, backyard pool, games, etc.


  • A project! Planning, developing and planting new flower gardens (had to figure out how to keep rabbits and deer from eating them.)
  • Learned how to grow more leeks using the root end of the store bought leeks.
  • My husband Tom set up his giant telescope and is using his new solar filter to look at the sun.
  • We’ve always done a fair amount of cooking, but have upped our game as far as variety of foods we’re cooking.
  • Doing workouts using Zoom. I’ve actually gotten more consistent with the workouts and doing hour long sessions, three times a week. (Can’t say that it is FUN but I am getting noticeably stronger which makes me feel GREAT!)
  • Playing with the stats on my new Oura ring (it tracks a million variables in your body including your body temp at night which is the most accurate.)


  • I have a 73 day streak on Duolingo learning Spanish.
  • I’m learning macramé.
  • Creating a fairy garden and all the bits and pieces to go in it.
  • A project! We’ve painted several rooms.
  • Took a little camping trip (in a cabin of course!)


  • We watched all the Star Wars movies with the kids on Disney+ (in the order they were released.)
  • Frequent Bike Rides, Walks, Coloring, Chalk Art, Puzzles.
  • Ordered lots of Chinese food and Chipotle.

We hope that you’re finding fun and productive things to do during these interesting times.

Stay safe and healthy!