Mum’s (not) the word!

Author: Sandy Fisher

Mums NOT the WordA fun part of my job as Director of Business Development for Home Rental Services is “popping by” our Realtor® referral partners’ offices with little thank you gifts. I get to do this each month, and I LOVE it!

I drive all over this gorgeous city and visit numerous broker offices. I head into each office to chat and connect with the agent who is receiving the gift I’m about to deliver, but I usually end up chatting with several more before I head back out the door.
(I like to chat…)

This “pop by” thing is a process. It’s fun, but it’s definitely a process.

From seeking out little gifts, to tracking our monthly Realtor® referral partners and finalizing the “lucky” list, to planning an out-of-office day for gift shopping and then assembling the presents… it’s a bit of work. But it’s incredibly important for us to show our gratitude and I really enjoy the look on their faces when I show up to give them something fun!

Mums NOT the WordFrom little flashlights, to BBQ condiments, to mason jars with lemonade packets – our Realtor® friends enjoy our appreciation trinkets!

So now we get to the title of this blog post…

This month I was driving around Kansas City in my car delivering colorful mums. The tag line? Mum is NOT the word when it comes to how much we appreciate you and your referrals. 

Short term reward: blessing our referral partners with a fun little gift.

Long-term reward: watching our referral partnerships turn into real friendships. Mum is definitely NOT the word when it comes to our commitment to saying thank you!

Mums NOT the Word Mums NOT the Word