2016 KVC Shopping Night at Target!

2016 KVC Shopping at Target

In its 46-year history, KVC (formerly Kaw Valley Center) has grown from a single home founded by volunteers to help at-risk boys to a comprehensive organization touching the lives of over 61,000 children and families each year. Wow.

We support the mission of KVC by volunteering to buy presents for some of the children they are helping. On Monday, November 14th, the entire Home Rental Services team met at Target to buy gifts for 18 kids that otherwise wouldn’t be getting presents for Christmas.

We’ve done this for years and had the process down to a science.

Each child has a manilla folder with two plastic bags inside. The plastic bags have their name written on them. Taped to the outside of the folder are the specifics about the child… their name, age, gender, shoe size, shirt size, pant size and more.

When we check out, we put gift receipts in the folder, place the items in the plastic bags with the child’s name on it, and the folder into the bag. If we needed to use more than one bag, we tie multiple bags together. The reason for all this organization is that it makes wrapping the presents and keeping all the gifts together for each child much easier!

Target was a great partner again this year.

It feels so good to do something that you know is going to make a difference in a child’s life.  It was also a wonderful way for our team to come together and start getting into the holiday spirit.  Our good friends at Target set up two special lanes for us to check out in, and they took 5% off of our purchases, even for those of us that didn’t have a Target Red Card! They also donated $15 Target gift cards to each of the 18 children!!! We were so thankful for their generosity.

We hope you can get involved by helping your favorite NFP.

If you haven’t already done something to give back this year, consider getting involved with your favorite not-for-profit that’s trying to make a difference. It will make your holidays even better!

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  1. Please let me know next year when you go to do this and I will gladly donate some cash for you to work with or possibly expand the number of children served. Thank you for doing that. God will smile upon you.

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