New Energy Efficiency Laws Could Make Your Next Water Heater Cost 25% More

2015-02-05-Water-Heater-001We wanted to make you aware of upcoming changes in regulations that could affect the cost of your next water heater replacement.

We were recently made aware of the U.S. Department of Energy requirement for improved energy efficiency for water heaters law that goes into effect as of April 16, 2015. This change will have a substantial impact on the cost of new water heaters AND even more importantly the installation.

The water heaters will likely be taller AND wider than current models in order to achieve the required energy efficiency. Some manufacturers are suggesting that the retail price could increase upwards of 25%.

This is especially important for older, smaller homes with limited space in the utility closet where the water heater is located. The new tank designs may require structural changes during installation.

You can read more about the new regulations here:
U.S. Department of Energy – Standards for Residential Water Heaters

If you know your water heater is getting old, or it’s located in a confined space, it might be a good time to replace it!