Tuesday Meetings and Treat Fridays. This stuff matters.

Tuesday Meetings

Did you know that our staff gets together every Tuesday morning for an hour to connect and focus on ways to improve? We’ve been doing this for a long time and it’s become an integral part of our company culture.

We start off the meeting with conversation that is “positive, happy news.”  We learn more about each other personally and professionally.  Today, one of our team talked about a renewed commitment to exercise with a personal trainer for 13 weeks.  We heard from someone else about a couple of recent wins in the business.

These conversations are a great way to strengthen relationships between the people that work together every day.

Next, we move into an open discussion about what is working and what needs improvement.  Businesses have new challenges to face every week, and our Tuesday Meetings are a good time to bring up things that we really need to work on.  The entire staff is present, so we get lots of great feedback from people in different areas of the company that have fresh insight or ideas.  It’s also a great way for everyone to learn about and appreciate the work done in each functional area of the company.

Consistent, open communication is an important part of our company culture.


Treat Fridays

2015-01-27-CompanyCulture001WebAnother fun way we come together as a team is the practice of “Treat Fridays”.  Credit goes to Paul for starting this tradition a few years ago.  There is a signup sheet in the kitchen for people to bring in treats on Fridays.  It’s a great way to start the day together.  And it’s definitely missed when things get a little hectic and we miss a few Fridays.

The funny thing is that Paul keeps us in line.  See the picture to the right… we missed a few Fridays recently and Paul put “sad” faces on the missed days on the calendar.  It came up in our staff meeting this morning and Joshua signed up for next Friday to get us back on track.

What Are You Doing With Your Team?

Tuesday meetings and Treat Fridays are a couple of ways for us to impact the company culture.  Are you doing anything with your team to improve communication and have fun?  We would love to hear your ideas and best practices!