Caitlin Volunteers With Christmas in October [PICS]

Christmas In October LogoMany of you know that we have a soft spot in our hearts for not-for-profit organizations.  We try to give back throughout the year.  Recently, Caitlin volunteered with Christmas in October.

Christmas in October is a not-for-profit organization focused on bringing volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income, elderly, disabled and Veteran homeowners.

Christmas in October selected an elderly woman named Linda to receive help getting a bunch of important home projects done.  Caitlin showed up at Linda’s home with 10 other volunteers on Saturday for a full day of work.  The fun thing is that Linda’s neighbors came over to share that Christmas in October had helped with their house last year!


Christmas In October - Caitlin
Caitlin working on one of the basement windows

Linda’s home was built in 1917 and the basement windows did not shut or seal any more.  Caitlin and the team scraped the old peeling paint off of the window frames, repaired/replaced wood damaged by rot and termites, and then painted the wood and trimmed down the windows so they would close and seal.  Linda’s basement will be nice and warm this winter!

Back Door

The volunteers also replaced her back door.  The old door was rotten and not meant to be used as an exterior door.  The new external door was made of metal and will protect against the elements.


There were electrical engineers that volunteered that day, and they were able to install a new flood light right next to the new back door for added security.  They went on to install two new lights in Linda’s basement, and a new light in her kitchen.


Linda was having some trouble with the plumbing in her only bathroom.  The team was able to replace many of the plumbing lines and fixtures and get things working properly again.


Caitlin and the team helped replace the stairs on Linda’s deck.  They also added a new hand rail, replaced an existing hand rail, and added additional structural support to the deck.

It was a good day and a lot of work was done to help Linda have a more comfortable and safe home.  She was on  her front porch throughout the day and kept telling the team how much she appreciated their efforts.  It’s an awesome feeling when you know you have really helped someone!

Christmas in October - Back Door Christmas in October - Deck and Stairs