Are You Tired of Forgetting Your Passwords? Roboform is the Answer.

We market and manage hundreds of homes for our clients.  An important part of marketing the homes we manage is making sure they are listed on popular rental websites.

Did you know that we advertise the homes we rent on more than twenty different websites?

The days of having the same user name and password for all of those websites are gone.  If one of your accounts gets hacked, there is a good chance the hackers will try the hacked user name and password on other websites as well.  There are too many security breaches reported every month.

As a best practice, we have a different user name and password for the various websites we use.  We also make sure the passwords are really hard to hack… they are long and have lots of letters, numbers and special characters.

With so many websites to log into, we have a bunch of complicated user names and passwords to remember.  For most people, this is a painful reality, and they are constantly clicking the “password reminder” link because they forgot their password.

Roboform LogoA few years ago, we started using software called Roboform Everywhere, and it is excellent.  It has solved the problem of managing our user names and passwords!

Roboform Makes It Easy To Manage Your Passwords

Roboform Everywhere works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Basically, you can get to all of your user names and passwords after signing in to Roboform.  If you change a password on one of the sites you log into, that change gets synched to all of your devices!

Roboform makes logging into various websites very efficient. 
All you have to do is click on a saved login and Roboform will open that login page in your browser, automatically fill in the user name and password, and then submit the form.  Now you are logged in and ready to go!

Roboform has a password generator built in. 
Any time you set up a new account for a website, you can use the built in password creator to make a new, complicated password.  Once you log in with this complicated password, Roboform will save those credentials for you and you don’t have to remember what the password was.

You might think we were “overdoing it a bit” if we told you that Roboform has changed our lives.  But that isn’t far from the truth.  We were spending a lot of time logging into websites and resetting passwords from month to month, and that rarely happens now.  It is amazing to be able to click on a password link in Roboform and be taken there and logged in automatically.

What does it cost?  $20 per year.  (Not per month, per YEAR!)

To learn more about Roboform Everywhere, be sure to visit their website.  This has been a public service announcement from your friends at Home Rental Services, Inc.