Vendor Spotlight: Sage Restoration

We work with quite a few companies in the course of managing hundreds of homes in Kansas City.  These companies provide professional services like carpet cleaning, mold remediation, lock re-keying, painting and repair work. Our success depends on these companies being able to provide consistent, professional work for our owners.  We have worked with some of our most trusted companies for years.  Sage Restoration is one of those companies, and we appreciate them so much!

Sage Restoration

SageRestoration-Alan SageRestoration-Stephanie

Alan and Stephanie Sage are the owners of Sage Restoration, located in Overland Park, Kansas.  They are dedicated to helping people who have experienced water, fire,smoke or mold damage in their home or business.  They have trained, uniformed technicians that know what they are doing!

We have experienced first hand that they work quickly and efficiently to get these kinds of problems cleaned up.  We have called them early in the morning as well as after 5pm and they have always done a great job of answering the call and helping as quickly as possible.

Alan and Stephanie rely on us to lease their personal rental properties.  We think that is probably the biggest compliment we could receive.  If you ever find yourself walking into your home to find damage from water, fire, storms, etc. be sure to call Sage Restoration at (913) 905-0500.  They will be there for you and help you get back to “normal” as quickly as possible.

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  1. I have to agree with you on this recommendation. I had that rotten scenario happen to me… walked into my house to find dripping water from the ceiling due to an improperly installed washing machine on our second floor. Sage answered the call and had people out THAT DAY. I was impressed. They also worked with the insurance company to make sure the costs for remediation were covered. Awesome!

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