David Works Hard At Habitat For Humanity! [PICS]

Habitat For Humanity LogoWe think it’s important to give back to the community, and we get involved in various not-for-profits throughout the year to try and make a difference.  Our very own David Carey recently volunteered for a day of hard work with Habitat for Humanity! He joined a larger group from the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors that was volunteering.

Here are David’s thoughts on the experience:

I’ve had the bug to work on a construction project for a few months, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to do something I enjoy and help others. I have been wanting to participate in Habitat for Humanity through church, and it just so happened that Church of the Resurrection was at the same site on the same day!  We started out at a house that was ready for siding, but there were too many volunteers, so a small group (including myself) split off to a second job site to work on exterior painting. We were able to get two coats of paint on the front of the house.

After lunch, we returned to the job site to find out that they needed help at a third job site. The third location was not a new build, but a home owner that had a garage that had deteriorated to the point where it was falling down. There was another group that had torn down the garage, but the scrap needed to be hauled into the dumpster. We were able to clear the area and the home owner was very pleased. After a full day of work, I am definitely ready to go back!

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Habitat’s mission is to change neighborhoods, communities and lives. They do this in many ways, but primarily through organizing volunteers to build homes for low income families in the greater Kansas City Metro.  Many of you are already familiar with Habitat, but if not, you would be amazed how many people/companies get involved.

Companies host “volunteer days” for their employees to come out and build together, often wearing company logo shirts to show their team spirit. Other companies donate significant amounts of materials for use in building the homes, including wood, siding, paint and nails.  The technical work is overseen by qualified professionals, but the bulk of the work is straight-forward, manual labor.  We can all swing a hammer, work on siding, sweep floors and paint… with a little direction!

Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity is an incredibly rewarding experience.  You get to see a house being built and know that the new owner would not have otherwise been able to afford it.

Fun Fact: Did you know the Kansas City chapter of Habitat for Humanity is the seventh oldest affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International?  They have been helping families since 1979!

From the Habitat for Humanity Website: Home ownership represents the essence of the American Dream. It also represents the single largest investment most people make in their lifetimes. Yet for too many people, the American Dream is just that; a dream they will never realize because their income is too low to qualify through conventional means to purchase a home.  Habitat for Humanity believes to break the cycle of poverty, low income families need their income spent on housing to serve two purposes: provide a decent, affordable place to raise a family and build wealth through home ownership.