Kansas City is #1 in Best Rental Cities in the Country : Report from Zillow

Number OneWe recently saw a report from Zillow on the Yahoo Homes website that names Kansas City as the best city for rentals in the country!  That is exciting news that we can vouch for from first hand experience.

The report says that Kansas City is one of 10 big cities offering the best combination of:

  • Current rental prices
  • Price per square foot
  • Low year-over-year changes in cost of rent
  • Low cost of rent compared with the cost of buying a home

Record Breaking Turnover

The speed at which our houses are turning has never been so fast.  Prospective renters are willing to rent houses without even physically visiting the home.  They are trusting the pictures on the website and our advice to make quick decisions.  They don’t want to risk losing the house because there is so much competition in Kansas City right now.  We are seeing more “double offer” situations than ever before… the situation where two qualified renters put in an offer to rent one of our homes on the same day.

What Does This Mean for Owners?

This means that a house in good condition in the areas we serve will rent fast, which is excellent.  If the house needs updating or repairs, owners need to get the work done and not miss such a great opportunity for us to rent their home quickly!

What Does This Mean for Renters?

Make sure you have decent credit.  Be ready to go with your offer.  When you see the right home, you need to decide quickly if you want to move forward or risk losing it to another offer.  Also, be patient.  Just because you make an offer to rent a home doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get that home.  You may have to try a couple of times before you are successful.  The market in Kansas City is that competitive.