NARPM 2012 – Annual Conference [VIDEO]

Always Improving

Caitlin just got back from the 24th Annual Conference for NARPM, the National Association of Residential Property Managers.  The event was held in Washington, DC and the theme was Leadership by Example.
(NARPM® offers an effective, professional learning environment for owners of property management companies.)

The conference was kicked off with an awesome African Drum Experience.  Caitlin was able to take a video (below). Yes, it is loud because it is all drums!  Be sure to turn your speakers down before watching!

Most Educational

Caitlin learned a lot at the conference.  Her favorite was the session on generational behavioral differences.  The presenter, Mark Kreditor, was hilarious and had a ton of great stories to share from real world experiences about how people from different generations communicate and operate.

Caitlin’s Favorite Sessions

  • Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers & New Millennials – What You Need to Know
  • Communicating with Owners –Selling Yourself & Your Business
  • You Have Got To Be Kidding – The Weird, Sometimes Bizarre World Of Property Management
  • Next Generation Panel

Funniest Thing That Happened

You might have heard that we are searching for another property manager to become part of the Home Rental Services team.  Kandy has reviewed some very interesting resumes… some that are actually quite shocking in terms of grammar, skills, experience and general presentation of the candidates as a potential hire.  Kandy shared some of the resumes on the NARPM ListServ and they made so many people at NARPM laugh that they actually read some of the examples aloud on the bus headed to the NARPM President’s Dinner.  The simple lesson for job seekers out there is that you should have someone review your resume before sending it out!