Summer is over and I haven’t sold my home… Now what???

Guest post by our very own Amy Evans.

This is the time of year that our phone starts ringing with prospective landlords saying, “My house has been up for sale, but it hasn’t sold and now the summer is over.  Can you lease it?”.   Even though the average listing price and selling price of homes has gone up in recent months, we are still getting plenty of these calls.  (More info on stats here)

We can help

Our answer, of course, is that we can definitely lease their home!  Our inventory tends to be comparatively lower this time of year than we prefer– which is great news for a prospective landlord (high demand, low supply).  This is the result of the many homes we have leased during the busy summer months when people typically move.  We will continue to lease homes and have renter demand through the fall and winter.

Here is an interesting fact:

Historically, November and December are as busy for us as June and July – which is more great news for a prospective landlord!  So many home owners feel all hope is lost once the summer is over – that is not the case in the home rental industry!

We do our best to make the process of renting someone’s home as easy as possible.  A homeowner may leave their home up for sale the same time we are marketing it for lease.  This allows the home owner to leave all options open and have a “for sale or for lease, whichever comes first” arrangement.  A clean, move-in ready home will lease more quickly than a home that needs some TLC…  be sure to refer to our recent blog post on tips to help your home lease quickly.

If you or someone you know has had their home on the market for a while and just can’t seem to get it sold, call us or send them our way!