HRS Featured in Lee’s Summit Lifestyle Magazine

We are always thankful when someone tells our story, and this happened again recently when Chris Clark, Angela Bond and the rest of the team at Lee’s Summit Lifestyle Magazine wrote an article called “Revenge of the Renter”.  Kandy enjoyed talking with Chris about how different economies cause different pressures for owners and renters.  Here is an excerpt:

In a good economy, home buyers bemoan the catbird seat held by sellers who can command top dollar, and sometimes more. In a downturn, the tables turn, as sellers sulk when buyers get to call the shots. But these days, in good markets and bad, there’s a player who rarely loses. Call it Revenge of the Renters, a growing legion of home-seekers who are eschewing long-term, complex mortgages and the headaches of home ownership by renting. And we’re not just talking apartments, but also single-family homes in desirable neighborhoods with cul-de-sacs and great schools.

Chris went on to tell more of our story and background, and we wanted to include that as well:

Meehan has spent more than two decades building what has become the Midwest’s largest residential property management business, managing more than 400 properties amid double-digit growth. With a team that embraces cutting-edge mobile technology and real-time communication to give clients a landscape view of their options at any time, Meehan says her crew is busier than at nearly any time since she bought the firm from her then-employer, Coldwell Banker in 1989.

You can read the full article at

Thank you to Chris and Angela for this article and photos, and thanks to all of our owners and renters that have made our successes possible!