Know Your Web Traffic – Google Analytics

Web site traffic, SEO and more!

You have probably heard people say that you need to pay attention to who is going to your website and what pages they are looking at.  You might also have heard the term SEO which stands for search engine optimization.  Before spending a ton of money on a company to help you with your search engine optimization, you can install Google Analytics on your web site fairly easily.  Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can tell you all kinds of useful information about the people visiting your web site:

  • How many visitors do I get each month?
  • How long do they spend on my site?
  • What are the most popular pages on my site?
  • Which web browsers are being used to visit my site?
  • Which mobile devices are being used to visit my site?

The answers to these questions will help you to better understand how to provide the best information to your visitors.  It will also help you understand which pages on your web site need to be worked on to make them as helpful as possible to the visitor.

We have been using Google Analytics for quite a while.  The information we find is interesting!

During March 2012, we saw the following:

  • We had thousands of visitors that viewed pages on our site.
  • The average time a visitor spent on each page was a minute and a half.
  • The most viewed page on our web site is the Kansas Homes for Rent page.
  • The iPhone and iPad were by far the most used mobile devices to access our site.
  • We had visitors from the US, England, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Israel, New Zealand and more.

We have used this information to change the content on some of our pages so that they provide as much information in as little space as possible for our web site visitors!  For more information on how to set up Google Analytics for your own web site, you can start here.