Dymo LabelWriter – Quick Labels and Easy Postage

At Home Rental Services, we do all that we can to be a paperless office.  There are some things that we are required by law to keep physical paper copies of.  We organize paperwork in various folders with labels.  Historically, we would print labels for these folders off of a sheet of Avery labels.  This caused problems because we had to reuse sheets of labels and getting the right one to print was not an easy process.  Enter the Dymo LabelWriter Turbo 450.

The Dymo LabelWriter is a small label printer that sits on your desktop.  Its sole purpose is to print individual labels as you need them!  For example, if you need to mail an envelope and need a professional label, all you have to do is open the Dymo Label Software and print a single label for that person.  The Dymo Label software integrates with your Outlook contacts (and other contact databases) so that you simply check a box next to the person you are printing a label for.  You can also type in the text of what you want to appear on a label and then print it.  If you need to print dozens or even hundreds of labels, the Dymo can handle that as well… printing around 50 labels per minute!

Not only does the Dymo LabelWriter print labels, it will also print postage!  You can buy the Dymo LabelWriter desktop mailing solution from NewEgg.com for $225.  Dymo has partnered with Endicia.com to provide internet based postage.  Once you have the LabelWriter and Postage Scale connected to your computer, you set up a free account with Endicia.  All you pay for is the actual postage you use… no monthly fees.

The Dymo LabelWriter has streamlined our process and the results look more professional.  Throw in the added benefit of instant postage whenever you need it and this is a powerful combo to improve your office efficiency.  We would love to hear if you have ever used one of these label printers or if you might consider getting one after reading this article!