Paul Volunteers to Assist with Joplin Tornado Cleanup Efforts

We appreciate our team at Home Rental Services. Everyone works hard to make our Owners and Renters happy.  We are also proud to see them go above and beyond when giving back to the community.

Paul is a Property Manager for Home Rental Services.  Recently, Paul volunteered a day of his time to go to Joplin to help with the cleanup efforts.  He went with his church, Garnett Nazarene, part of a larger group of Nazarene churches representing almost 600 people that volunteered to help.  The pictures below include one of the houses that Paul’s team worked on… there is a before and after picture.  It took them almost two hours to clear the brush in just one yard.

The other pictures give you a sense of the damage that was done.  The crushed fire truck.  The hospital full of holes.  A red sports car crushed by a tree.  Paul took dozens of pictures because you rarely see this kind of damage.  There were 2×4 boards stuck into the sides of stores that had been blowing around before being embedded like an arrow.  Gigantic trees that had been standing for decades completely uprooted, leaving a hole full of water.

When something of this magnitude happens, especially so close to home, it is important to do what you can to help your neighbor.  Paul demonstrated that in his volunteer efforts.  We appreciate that Paul has taken action instead of thinking about all the reasons why he might not have time to help.  If you would like to help, whether it is monetary or physical labor, there are a ton of ways you can get involved.  The Kansas City Star has a great article on specific ways you can help.

Click on any of the pictures below to view the larger version: