Social Media Picture Day!

In 2010, we began working hard on our social media presence.  Now that we have LinkedIn profiles and a Facebook Fan Page, we realized that we needed professional social media pictures to complement the professional nature of our business.  For professional photography, we hired Becky Alfred to take our social media “headshots” and Becky came to our office on February 15th to capture our smiling faces.  For makeup, we hired Staci Broski, owner of 7th Row to make sure our faces looked just right!

As with most things, taking pictures is a process.  We have beautiful large windows on the 9th floor of our building and as luck would have it, it was a gray, overcast day.  Thankfully, Becky has all the right equipment including backdrops, and professional cameras.  Making sure the staff was all available and dressed appropriately took some planning as well.  We scheduled our team for a mandatory staff meeting a month before the photo shoot and reminded everyone a few days before the actual day.  We recommend that you give some guidelines around what to wear so that there is some consistency across the pictures.  We simply asked everyone to wear appropriate business attire and everyone looked great.

As you can see in the pictures below, we crammed into Kandy’s office where the light was best.  It was a social media picture assembly line!  The entire process took less than 2 hours and the end result is fantastic.  Some of our team members could not believe how well the pictures turned out.  A side benefit is that it was a team building experience as well.  Everyone had a great time!