We Appreciate Your Referrals – Cash and Candy!

We appreciate the referrals that we get on a daily basis!  We track each referral that we receive and have a Referral Reward Program (for Kansas homes only).

There are two types of people that you could refer to us:
1) Owner – Someone that owns a home that they want to rent
2) Renter – Someone that wants to rent a home

If you refer a prospective Owner or Renter to Home Rental Services that turns into a signed contract, we pay you $100!  We deliver the referral reward to you, and it is not just a check… there is candy too!  As you can see in the picture below, we are delivering 8 referral gifts today for rentals that happened in the last week!  We work hard to make sure that your referrals are taken care of.

If you know someone that is looking to rent a home or someone that owns a home that they are considering renting, we would love to hear from you!