Looking Back… and Looking Forward

Welcome to 2023! As we write this story, we are in the first week of January. And we wanted to share a couple of best practices that we use that may bring a smile to you face now… and a year from now.

Smile #1 – Photo Review

Twelve months goes by so quickly. Work, family, holidays, travel, sports and more eat up just about every available moment in our days. One thing that is likely true for most people is that a lot of that is captured in photos and video on your cell phone. But it’s hard to remember and appreciate all those moments you captured in 2022.

Why not schedule some time to sit down (by yourself or with those closest to you) and review the last 12 months of photos and videos on your phone? Even better, if you are somewhat technical, you can “cast” those photos to a smart TV while everyone is sitting together!

We think you will be amazed at all the little details you may have forgotten about that happened last year. The great meals. A fun gift. An evening with friends. A happy hour with coworkers. It would be a great way for you to truly wrap up 2022 in a meaningful way. No matter what, the walk through memory lane over the last 12 months will evoke some emotions.

Smile #2 – Joy Jar

As you think about all that’s going to happen in 2023, consider a centrally located Joy Jar.

We’ve talked about Joy Jars in the past… they are a great way for you to collect your thoughts, emotions, stories and hopes over the course of the year. At the end of 2023, on New Year’s Eve, open the Joy Jar and read through the notes you added all year long.

The theme here is that taking a pause to review all you have done and experienced is good for you. Even better, those memories could cause you to plan a repeat! Another visit to that great new restaurant you found back in May. Taking your family to another sporting event or concert because it’s been too long.

We hope that you had a wonderful 2022. And Happy New Year! We hope that you have a wonderful 2023. (Which you could celebrate at the end of the year by opening a completely full Joy Jar!)