Embrace your traditions. There’s still time to fall for fall.

By Oretta Croushore, Property Manager for Home Rental Services

Fallin’ for Fall

I have a secret crush. I don’t really know when our feelings for each other developed. We’ve known each other my whole life. Most of that time, I thought of us just as mere acquaintances. More of a friend of a friend. I think it’s safe to say, I have fallen for Fall. Those temps that help deliver us from the swelter of summer. You know, the ones that range from low summer/high spring all the way to crisp and cool. I’m a sucker for the colors, too. I have to admit, with our colorings, Fall and I do look pretty cute together. 

Summer gets credit for being the party season with its shorts, tank tops, and special drinks. There’s no school and the days are longer and fun is just endless. Summer is like living in a beer commercial every day. Winter has its big-time holidays. Spring, well, she’s the cute little sister that brings us out of the frozen tundra and reminds us that life always comes back. She might not be a big party girl, but her smile lights up a room. Fall’s fun time is a different kind of party. But, don’t discount him. This guy has some tricks up his sleeve, and some treats, too. 


What are you wearing this season? This year, I have discovered the wonderful world of flannels. I picked up a new one when I was shopping the other day. I’ve already secured a second one in a different color. I like to layer because I have a fear of being too hot or too cold. I might look like I’m about to compete in the lumberjack olympics but I feel cute and I’m ready for any temp change that might come my way.

What about a hoodie? A hoodie hits different than a sweatshirt or sweater. First of all, there’s a place to keep your phone and snacks and anything else you can fit in  your kangaroo pouch. Hoods are just there for security, we don’t even wear them generally. An emotional support hood, if you will. It gives hugs and snacks. It’s the grandma of cool weather clothes. 


Fall is all about the comfort and the food is no exception. We might laugh about pumpkin everything, and maybe even get a little tired of seeing it everywhere. But, I bet most of us indulge a little here and there. If apples are more your thing, they come in a close second. Apple cider, warm or cold, is such a treat. Don’t forget the apple cider doughnuts!

I love soup this time of year the most. A few years ago, I had a birthday party and made five or six different kinds of soups. We put them in crockpots, made a fire pit, and wrapped up in afghans and fleece blankets on my back porch in early October. No matter if it’s creamy or brothy, meaty or veggie, beans or no beans, soup fills us up and makes us feel warm from the inside out. 


Pumpkin patches are a favorite family activity. I know most families have a traditional patch they go to every year. There’s activities for the kids, pumpkin picking, treats, and sometimes a petting zoo. Even if you’ve been there a million times, I bet you still go back. That’s how traditions work.

If you don’t get enough adventure in the pumpkin patch, there’s usually a corn maze adjacent to the patch. That’s a really good way to see how your family would do in survival mode. Let us all hope The Croushores never need to get out of something like this in order to survive. I do not think we would make it. No one tells you, all corn stalks look alike and the “map” they give you is useless once you lose your way. 

Here is a link to a bunch of pumpkin carving stencils if you need some inspiration!

Halloween has become almost as big as Christmas. Some people like the gory blood and guts look. Some, like me, like the cute side of it. Give me the adorable bats and skeletons in spades, please. If I could go back in time, I would tell my younger self to open a store that sells only Halloween costumes and supplies for like three months out of the year. I would never believe Future Me probably. Who would have thought?

How do you ring in the spooky season? Are you a Hocus Pocus fan? Is it popcorn balls and cider while you gather around the TV with a blankie and enjoy the antics of the Sanderson Sisters? Did you watch the second one the day it came out? Maybe you are more for a horror film festival. Turn off the lights, pull your legs up off the floor (because monsters lurk under the couch, everyone knows that), and scare yourself silly until you are afraid of even walking to your own bathroom.

You can’t talk about Fall traditions without mentioning the big guy. Thanksgiving is all about food, family, friends and fun. Whatever your combination of those things might be, I hope you find a moment to stop and remind yourself of the things for which you are truly grateful. If you don’t have family you want to feast with, join a friend. I love that Friendsgiving has become a common thing. That’s the family you choose after all. 

No matter if you go kooky or spooky, salty or sweet, tricking or treating, I hope you find a way to fill your soul with happiness this season. It’s ok if my secret crush isn’t your type. We will still let you jump into a pile of leaves with us. Just watch my pumpkin latte. Those are only available for a short time and I don’t want to have to decide if I should lick it off the leaves. Embrace your traditions and create new ones. Winter is coming. There’s still time to fall for fall.