The Importance of Having Boots on the Ground

By Paul Branton, Director of Investor Services for Home Rental Services

When investing in real estate, it makes a BIG difference to have boots on the ground. While it may seem more and more appealing with all the technology available today to help collect rent, coordinate maintenance, and make video calls… you can’t substitute the value of having someone in that city who can visit the property in person.

As an example, just a couple of months ago we had an out of state client close on a new investment property. His Realtor® was going to be out of town on the day of closing. Fortunately for this client, he had already enlisted Home Rental Services! We knew the Realtor and had coordinated to be at the home on the day of closing. Although I rarely wear boots, my shoes were firmly on the ground that day as I went to the house to obtain the keys and get things in motion for renting the home.

Unfortunately, upon my arrival I discovered that the seller had apparently forgotten that selling a house means you should have all your “stuff” out of the home (and maybe even clean up as a gesture of Midwestern hospitality.)

Here is a snapshot of what the place looked like:

When all of these items left behind were relocated, the “stuff” ended up nearly filling the two car garage and three trash bins! Fortunately, it’s quite uncommon for this much stuff to be left behind. Also, the sellers agent jumped in immediately and arranged for everything to be cleared out and cleaned up that afternoon! (A big thanks to her and her team for stepping up to do the right thing!)

Even better, because this client had Home Rental Services “boots” on the ground, he wasn’t even contacted. He won’t know this crazy day even happened until he reads this post!

For those of you who are looking to enlist the help of a team that is ready, willing and capable of managing your rental investments…. give us a call!

To those of you who have already called and chose to work with us… THANK YOU!