Thanks-a-lot Cookies

Thanks-A-Lot from Home Rental Services!

Author: Sandy Fisher

Thanks-a-lot CookiesI’ve shared before that a fun and important part of my job is delivering little “pop-by” gifts to our referral friends who send potential business our way. For the month of March, I helped a cute little Girl Scout salesperson reach her sales goals and I purchased thirty boxes of the Thanks-A-Lot cookies.

Who doesn’t love a good Girl Scout cookie, right?

The twenty or so Realtor® friends I delivered them to throughout the month of March sure did! It’s such pleasure popping into real estate broker offices all over the city and surprising our Realtor friends with our gift of choice for that month. And, of course, saying thank you—which is why the Thanks-A-Lot cookies were perfect.

On each cookie package was a handy dandy label that read, “No matter how the cookie crumbles, you are the best part of our business.” And then I packaged two boxes of the Thanks-A-Lot cookies together with our signature green-colored ribbon and attached a personal note thanking the friend for their recent referral to Home Rental Services.

Thanks-a-lot CookiesSome of our Realtor friends are in the office when I deliver, but most are not. So here’s the extra fun part—if my gift recipient is not around for me to hand them the package in person, I take a fun little selfie with the gift while I am in their office. When I get back out to my car, I send the Realtor a text with the selfie pic and let them know a special treat/gift is waiting for them.  I always get a fun text back saying thanks, and it usually leads to a short text conversation quickly catching up.

You’ve heard the saying, “You get what you give,” right? Well, that’s the whole goal of these little “pop-by” gifts and visits. We want to give, give, give, and if we get a little back from that, well, that’s icing on the cake (or should I say cookie!)