5 Ways to Attract Top Notch Tenants to Your Overland Park Property [VIDEO]

Attracting top notch tenants for your investment property is crucial to ensure that cash flow continues to come in. Today, we’re sharing five ways to attract great renters.

1. Keep the House Super-Clean

Make sure the house is always clean. That doesn’t just mean the carpets and the bathrooms. You want the woodwork and the windows to be extremely clean as well. The house should also be clean smelling. When a prospective tenant walks in, there shouldn’t be anything that smells like smoke, pets, or mustiness.

2. Remove Personal Items

Make sure the house is free of all stuff. Doing property management in Overland Park, we notice that people tend to leave behind flower pots, hoses, old lawnmowers, exercise equipment, or even pool tables. It all needs to be removed. New renters don’t want to deal with other people’s stuff.

3. Provide Beautiful Paint

Have the whole house either freshly painted on the inside or make sure it looks freshly painted. This is what we recommend to all of our property owners. The paint should be fresh or look fresh. You don’t want it to look like a rental.

4. Update the Light Fixtures

Have updated light fixtures. When you’re putting them in, make sure they’re the right size so adequate light reaches the rooms. Gigantic and tiny light fixtures look awkward, and sometimes landlords forget to consider that.

5. Establish Curb Appeal

Make the outside of the property neat, clean, and tidy, with fresh mulch. Trim bushes in the summer months, and keep the front door clean. You don’t want a tenant to walk up to the front door and see bugs or cobwebs on the porch. That’s not appealing. Make sure the door is clean or freshly painted.

These are five ways to attract top notch renters and keep the cash flow coming in on your property. If you have any questions or need help with Overland Park property management, Lenexa property management, or services in any of the surrounding areas, please contact us at Home Rental Services.