Google Fiber Signups Open in West Johnson County

Google FiberOn October 1st, signups for Google Fiber opened for West Johnson County. For your neighborhood to qualify, you must have at least 100 people sign up and pay a $10 deposit to lock in their place for installation. It’s an exciting opportunity to get Gigabit Internet and 150 HD TV channels.


Basic internet is free for 7 years if you pay a one time fee of $300.
Gigabit internet is $70/month and the $300 install fee is waived.
Gigabit internet and 150 HD TV channels is $130/month and the $300 install fee is waived.

See if your address is eligible

Click here to go to the Google Fiber website and type in your address to see if you are eligible to sign up.

What is Gigabit?

Some people don’t understand what Gigabit speeds are like. If you get your internet connection from a local service provider like Consolidated Communications, Time Warner, or AT&T U-Verse, you are probably getting download speeds in the 30-100 Megabyte range. Google Fiber is basically 10-20 times faster. (Technically, one Gigabyte is 1,024 Megabytes)

It’s been interesting to watch how quickly people are signing up for the Google Fiber service. A few hours after signups had opened, some of the neighborhoods already had 30-40 of their required 100 signups spoken for. And there were 49 days left to reach the 100 signup goal for a neighborhood to actually get Google Fiber.

It’s a big deal for Kansas City

Google Fiber continues to be installed across the Kansas City metro. It’s a big deal for our city and other cities are jealous that they don’t have it yet. Google Fiber is only available in 3 cities in the United States, but more are scheduled.
Click here for a map of the United States and Google Fiber expansion plans.