Carbon Monoxide Kills – Make Sure You’re Prepared!

The following quote from the Rossen Report on the Today Show really caught our attention:

Last month, seven children were killed along with their father when carbon monoxide filled the bedrooms of their Maryland home.

It’s shocking how many people don’t have carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.  Did you know that 20,000 to 30,000 people every year get sick from carbon monoxide poisoning?  Even worse, roughly 500 of those people die while sitting or sleeping in their own homes.

As we did some research, we were surprised to learn that carbon monoxide will seep through drywall.  In other words, carbon monoxide can get to any part of your house, regardless of closed doors and what you might think is a sealed room located far away from your gas heater or HVAC unit.

The Centers of Disease Control reports that only 30% of American homes have carbon monoxide detectors in them.  That matches up with the real world survey we did with our team.  (And yes, we encouraged everyone to get a carbon monoxide detector!)

Kidde Carbon Monoxide DetectorPeace of Mind

It’s not expensive to get a Carbon Monoxide Detector.  There’s a highly rated Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector with a 10 year sealed battery for less than $50 on  The nice thing about these units is that they can sit on a dresser or shelf once activated.  It does come with a mounting bracket if you prefer to install it on a wall.

Where to Install Your Detector

If you are installing only one carbon monoxide detector, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) suggests that it be located where you sleep.  Additional detectors on every level of your home, and in every bedroom of your home, would provide extra protection against carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you don’t have carbon monoxide detectors in your home, please consider getting one!  Wouldn’t that be cool if our “public service announcement” saved your life?