KVC Shopping Night at Target! [PICS]

We mentioned in our blog post on October 2nd that we were adopting twenty kids through KVC this Christmas!  Last night, we all went to Target to get the shopping done.  What a great time we had together!


We had boys and girls from 7 to 17 to shop for and ended up hitting just about every square inch of the store to get everything we needed.  In years past, it has taken us up to three hours to get everything purchased and into our cars.  This year, it took an hour and a half because Melissa and Sarah, our awesome admins, made sure we had packets and bags for each child.

2014-KVC-Shopping-MeehanGirls 2014-KVC-Shopping-TheCareys 2014-KVC-Shopping-SarahAndMatt 2014-KVC-Shopping-AmyAndRegan

It feels so good to do something that you know is going to make a difference in a child’s life.  It was also a wonderful way for our team to come together and start getting into the holiday spirit.  Our good friends at Target set up a special lane for us to check out in, and they took 5% off of our purchases, even for those of us that didn’t have a Target Red Card!


If you notice a bunch of trash bags in the carts, they are our special, white Santa bags for keeping each child’s gifts organized.  Thank you so much to Chanickgwa for her excellent service at Target at 119th and Blue Valley Parkway!

The last thing for us to do is to have our wrapping party that happens at the end of November.  We will be doing a blog post about that with pictures of all the presents ready to go!  If you haven’t already done something to give back this year, consider getting involved with KVC, Harvesters, or any other Not-For-Profit that you want to support.  It will make your holidays even better!