Labor Day Royals Outing for Home Rental Services

Team building is an important part of our company culture.  For the fourth year in a row, we took our team to a Royals Game! The Royals won against the Texas Rangers with a final score of 4-3!  For more details on the game, check out this article in the Kansas City Star.


We had a great turnout of around 25 people between staff, family and significant others.  Kandy treated the entire staff to one of the All Star Suites.  These are great because you have an air conditioned area inside to meet and drop off food, and you just walk through a door to get to the stadium chairs to watch the game.

RoyalsThe weather was so nice that everyone stayed outside this year.  It was great to spend time together away from work.

An interesting conversation that came up was how much it costs to run the stadium lights at night. The lights were so bright that it almost felt like daytime.  After some quick research on our phones, we found that running the lights for a game costs between $30,000 and $50,000, and that’s just to light the field.  That doesn’t include the concession areas or other utilities!

We also talked about the size of the high definition scoreboard.  Did you know it is the second largest screen in major league baseball?  For a listing of all screen sizes by team, click here for the PDF infographic.

What do you do in your company to get your team together? We would love some ideas for future events, so please leave those ideas in the comments below!