Kandy’s Article in Thinking Bigger Magazine

Thinking Bigger Business LogoKandy Meehan, founder and president of Home Rental Services, was interviewed for an article for the June issue of Thinking Bigger Business Media, Inc.  The article “The Girls Behind the Bookcases” tells the story of Kandy bringing her daughters Caitlin and Carrie into work often as they were growing up.  She talks about the positive impact this had on their future in the business world.  She also talks about the benefits of owning a business and work/life balance.

Caitlin is now Director of Client Care for Home Rental Services and is involved in almost every aspect of running the business.  Carrie is now Director of Business Development for The Neighborhood Handyman and is responsible for branding and marketing efforts.  They are both smart and driven women who are making a big impact with their efforts.  It is obvious that their work ethic was heavily influenced by being with their mom and involved in the businesses at an early age.

Kandy makes an interesting comparison between Millennials and Baby Boomers:

I think the Millennials will handle multiple home and work responsibilities better than we Baby Boomers did. We just worked, worked, worked and worked. This new generation understands the need to balance personal time and work.

To read the full article, be sure to check it out at Thinking Bigger Business Magazine.