Smoke in a Can – The Best Way to Test a Smoke Detector

If you didn’t have a chance to read last week’s blog post, it was called, “9 Volt Batteries Seriously Damage Home in Fire” and was an eye opener to us about storing batteries properly.  Thanks again to our very own Joshua for bringing it to our attention!

This week’s blog post is a follow up in the same storyline… properly testing your smoke detector.  We have done blog posts about smoke detector maintenance in the past, but we realized that we talked more about replacing batteries and pressing the test button and never mentioned liquid smoke detector sprays.  These products are basically “smoke in a can” and are used to make sure batteries as well as sensors in smoke detectors are working properly.

The story that caught our attention was about a person that burned a meal on the stove and their smoke detector didn’t go off.  There was a ton of smoke in the kitchen, so it should have gone off.  When they pressed the “test” button, the alarm sounded, so they realized that the smoke detector sensor had gone bad.

Smoke in a Can

Liquid Smoke Detector has a few products to choose from when it comes to smoke detector sprays.  As always, look at the reviews to select the right product for your needs.  We liked the Home Safeguard 25S can for $7.50 and free shipping and ordered it to try it out.  It has all 4 and 5 star reviews from people that have purchased and used the product.

If you are like many people we’ve talked to, you thought that simply pushing the test button on your smoke alarm and changing the batteries was good enough.  The problem is that the sensors in a smoke alarm can get corroded over time to the point where they will not sense smoke.

The best method for testing your smoke alarms is a smoke detector spray.  If you haven’t done this before, we recommend you get a can and try it for yourself for peace of mind in your home!