Chimney Inspection a Must for Safety

Chimney Fire PreventionOver the past year, we have seen an increase in the reporting of fires due to damaged chimneys.  We have seen it on TV, in the newspaper and in trade magazines. Check out this video on KCTV5 of a home in Shawnee that was destroyed by fire a couple of weeks ago because of cracks in the chimney.

The latest report published by the Chimney Safety Institute of America showed that each year around 25,000 chimney fires take place. On average, these fires result in thirty deaths per year and cost $126.1 million in damages.

Chimney fires are caused by creosote buildup, which is a natural by product of burning wood. There are several factors that speed up the accumulation of creosote in chimneys and these include the use of unseasoned wood and also the location of the chimney.

Annual cleaning of chimneys can significantly reduce the chance of you having a chimney fire.

As a result, we are coordinating the inspection of the flues in the homes we manage.  So far, we have managed the inspection of chimneys in dozens of our homes.  There will be hundreds of flues inspected by the time we are done.

HearthMasters LogoWe have partnered with HearthMasters here in Kansas City to perform these inspections for our owners.  They are the most experienced chimney experts in our area with the certifications to prove it.  Did you know that a Master Mechanical License (HVAC) is required by most cities in Johnson and Jackson counties for chimney relining or repair?

HearthMasters is proud to say they are the only local chimney company with a Master Mechanical Licensed Technician on staff.

We work hard to ensure the safety and comfort of our renters.  Chimney inspections are an important part of our process!