Always Improving – SMS Text Messages Improve Communication

At Home Rental Services, we are always trying to improve our internal communication and processes so that we can provide you the best and most efficient service possible.  One of the things that we wanted to make work was to get an SMS text message for important and critical emails sent to various members of our team.  The only challenge was that our messaging systems only supported email notifications.

Cell Phone Carriers Provide SMS Gateways

Did you know that all major cellular carriers provide an SMS Gateway into their messaging network?  That sounds technical, so in layman’s terms this means that you can send an EMAIL to a special email address at your cell phone carrier that will turn the content of your email into an SMS Text and deliver it!  The only challenge is that you need to know the phone number and the carrier for the person you are trying to text.

This was the perfect solution for improved internal communications for Home Rental Services!  We now get text messages in addition to the regular emails we were getting for our most important communications.

Interested In Trying It Yourself?

If you want to try this yourself, just use the chart below for your carrier and put your cell number before the at [@] symbol!

For example, if your cell phone number is 913-123-4567 and your service is with AT&T, you would send an email to  The body of your email would be converted to the message text.  Keep in mind that depending on the provider, your message may be truncated or spread across multiple text messages if it is longer than 160 characters.

Provider Email to SMS Address Format
Boost Mobile
US Cellular
Virgin Mobile