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Kandy does a great job of rewarding our team when we knock it out of the park.  (Pun intended.)  We had a couple of amazing months this summer, and as a reward, Kandy got a suite for us at the Royals game this past Wednesday night, September 19th.  It was a beautiful night for a game… the game started at 7pm and it was cool and crisp.

Just about everybody in the company and their families were able to make it and we had a great time.  Kevin, with Neighborhood Handyman brought two giant sacks of salted peanuts that were devoured by all.  Kandy also bought everybody dinner, so there were plenty of Sheboygan Bratwursts and foot-long Corn Dogs being eaten.  Talk about a stomach ache waiting to happen.  And maybe some adult beverages… but those won’t be in any of the pictures below!  :)

It is important to take time out of the busy-busy work life to spend some time together as a team.  To laugh, and share some food.  To just hang out.  Our team is definitely stronger because of this.  When was the last time you or your company did something together to blow off some steam?

The Royals played a good game and ended up beating the Chicago White Sox 3-0 with a lot of help from Bruce Chen’s great pitching.

Now for more pictures!