A Great Success Story – Kudos to David

We think that it is okay to be proud of our team and the fact that we work hard for our customers.  Recently, we received a wonderful letter from one of our newest renters complimenting David, one of our agents, that we wanted to share with you!  Please don’t view this as an effort to pat ourselves on the back publicly!  In this electronic world where many people are quick to complain with online reviews that are etched in stone, we think it is important to provide a counterpoint perspective.  We are working hard to update our online reviews with the kind of positive feedback below.  Usually, the people that take time to submit an online review are upset about something, many times something outside of our control like failing a credit or background check.

The people that are happy with Home Rental Services usually send us an email or call because it is just easier.  The following is the unedited letter that we received complimenting David and Home Rental Services on the experience he had finding a home to rent.   (David is hilarious, as you can tell by his photo to the right)

Kudos to David for delivering on the promise!

I was in Kansas City last week from out of state to look for a rental house.  I had made a number of earlier appointments to view homes in the area Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  On Tuesday afternoon I thought I had found a home for my family.  Twenty-four hours later I learned that I was back to square one, with only one day left to search before I must fly home.  That night I found Home Rental Sevices’ website home4rent.com and spent several hours reviewing the listings and maps posted there.  The Home Rental Services website has a lay-out that is clean, intuitive, and full of exactly the detailed information that a renter needs.  I was able to find ten available properties that I thought might suit me, see exactly their location, see pictures of the interior, and know the school district without having to bother anyone.  I was able to do my homework. 

Having only one final day to find a domicile, I presented myself and my homework early at the offices of Home Rental Services, where I was immediately greeted with courtesy.  I waited five minutes for David Carey, I explained my situation for the ensuing five minutes, and listened to his response for another five.  After fifteen minutes in the office of Home Rental Services (and two hours on the home4rent.com website) I not only had prospects and a plan, I was confident enough in David and Home Rental Services that I lost all anxiety about finding a suitable place, even if it didn’t happen today, even if I had to search from out of state.  I can’t say enough about David, whose cool professionalism put me at ease immediately, who showed me four homes on short notice, and who helped me  find a home and sign a lease in less than thirty-six hours.  I already like Kansas City.  Kudos to Home Rental Services, which lives up to its homepage byline: Consistent Communication, sophisticated technology, integrity. – Laurent C.

This is the kind of story that we work so hard for.  Helping someone find the perfect home to rent while enjoying the process!