Live Richly by Design – Authored by one of our Clients

We appreciate our clients in so many ways.  Many of our clients own their own businesses or have decision making jobs for large companies here in Kansas City.  One of our clients, Tiffany Tokarz, is a Mastery coach, speaker and author and recently released a book titled, “Live Richly by Design”.  We are so proud of Tiffany and the message she delivers through her book that we wanted to share it with you!

The following is from the ABOUT section of her book:

Live Richly by Design is a Christian approach to law of attraction.  This book is for people who desire a more meaningful and rich life – a life full of abundance and joy. 

“Upgrade from O to E”
She believes, as her husband taught her, “We don’t ‘gotta’ go to church, we ‘get’ to go to church.”  This is what is meant by “Upgrade from O to E.”  This applies to everything in life.  When you stop living your life as if you gotta, you start living your life because you get to… you change one vowel and everything changes.

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